Shoreditch Department of Advertising Correction

On my way into work in sleepy Carouge, Geneva, I came across the Shoreditch Department of Advertising Correction.

As a person who works in advertising this is not a sight you want to see on your way into work. Who knows what they might want? Could I have put a hyphen in the wrong place on my last headline or was the last shot I used not 300dpi?

So far they haven't come knocking for me.

So, to make things more interesting, I left a Saatchi&Saatchi business card under their windscreen wiper and asked them if they wanted to pop in for a cuppa.

The kettle's on but no takers yet.

In case you don't know about these guys check'm out here.

What the're really doing in Carouge I have no idea.


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Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry we were busy. Liked your card though. Here we are and we send you our love



Love from the RM + the SI