Brian Gittins and Cemetery Junction in cinemas from today.

If you are in the UK then get yourself along tonight to the cinema to see Brian Gittins in the new Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant film called 'Cemetery Junction'

I was able to contact Brian in between shifts at his cafe for a brief but exclusive interview.

ARAB: Hello Brian how was it working with Ricky and Steve on set of Cemetery Junction?

BRIAN: Very awkward. I've never liked anything that they have done in the past, bunch of idiots those two. I basically did it for the money. My Dihutsu hi-jet van had broken down... I think I got about 700 quid which wasn't bad.

ARAB: Did you struggle at all with learning your lines?

BRIAN: Yes! especially if you are not interested in the project you are working on. I wanted to speak to Ralph Fiennes to ask for advice but he didn't want to come near me, basically he gave me a wide berth.

ARAB: How have people in the cafe reacted to your movie performance?

BRIAN: Well it's not really their cup of tea. They don't understand all this celebrity businesses.

ARAB: What film would you like to be in next?

BRIAN: Well errrrr, I've seen that Sylvester Stallone is making a new film called Expendables looks bloody brilliant, I want to be in that or the squeal.

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